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Wine Menu Imports is a U.S. supplier of European wines located in Houston, Texas with an established branch office in France. We promote small and mid-size wineries in Europe. Our goal is to introduce high quality wines to the US market for a valuable price. Our producers have great knowledge and extensive experience in the industry. The families represent continuous generations who share a common philosophy of making quality wines. Thanks to this commitment, we have the capability to seek out different wine profiles in advance for our clients to meet their current market needs.

Inspired by the people we have met and the places that we have travelled, our story begins with the education and enjoyment of wines, that furthered our respect for nature and the lands where wine making all starts. Naturally embracing the family traditions as well as the cultural differences of living abroad, a bond was established with family owned wineries, that shared their stories of resilience, and persistance of nurturing vineyards of generational history with dedication and creativity.

Throughout our journeys in Europe, wine has been the connector to other cultures. The universal language of wine is an effortless conversation starter and a pleasant way to bring people together from different cultures. Our inspiration is to share the expressive characters of wines through the vision and discovery of wine producers from different region within Europe in hopes of creating a continuous dialogue by sharing and breaking conversational barriers.